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How Enneagram Types React to 

"ERROR 404: Page Not Found"

Type 1: The Reformer

"It's so FRUSTRATING when people can't get their websites in order!"

Type 2: The Helper

"Oh, their website isn't working!
I should let them know!"

Type 3: The Achiever

"Oooooh, how embarrassing!"

Type 4: The Individualist

"It works for everyone else... just not me. At least it's not just another ordinary 404 page."

Type 5: The Observer

"Hmm, that's interesting. Let's troubleshoot the cause of this."

Type 6: The Loyalist

I think I crashed the internet!"

Type 7: The Enthusiast

"Ooh! Something unexpected!
How fun!"

Type 8: The Challenger

"Ah, you think you can keep me from this website, huh? We'll see about that..."

Type 9: The Peacemaker

"It's fine... I didn't really need to see that page anyway."

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