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Are you ready to take your coaching practice to the next level?

In my coaching practice, there has been one model that has allowed me to:

  • - Read Minds
  • - See the Future
  • - Speak Other Languages

The Enneagram is different from other personality models...

Rather than simply articulating behaviors and preferences, the Enneagram describes what motivates us, how we see the world, what we're desperately trying to avoid, and what patterns we've learned to accomplish that.

"Coaching with the Enneagram" will show you how to leverage the Enneagram for your coaching

You don't have to start from scratch with every client.

You don't have to find your own way to help your clients grow.

Just imagine how good it would feel to see your client's path to grow clearly, like looking at a detailed map. Not just helping them wrestle with the presenting problem, but guiding them towards the best version of themselves.

This course will show you how to easily and quickly identify the pattern behind the problems, and to know exactly what they need to move through it.

You'll have the tools to continue helping them grow, rather than looking for immediate problems to solve.

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A Live 6-Month Training with Wes Lucus

$150 per month (12 Months)

or 1-time payment of $1500

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How can this help you in your sessions?

By knowing your client's Enneagram Type, you will be able to:

  • - Understand their common problems & obstacles
  • - Communicate in their language & style
  • - Influence them to make change and grow
  • - Know what they want, and what they really need
  • - Provide what they are looking for from you
  • - Show them how to navigate families & relationships
  • - Teach them how to help themselves

What's Included:

Enhance your Enneagram Journey with these Learning Features:

Weekly Live Classes

Join other Expert Coaches in weekly 2-hour LIVE Trainings with Wes over Zoom

Practice & Coaching Sessions

Between classes, you can practice what you learn in live coaching sessions, and receive coaching for yourself from the other expert coaches in the class!

Helpful Resources

Download Worksheets, Datasheets, and Manuals for easy reference with your own clients

Access Video Recordings of Live Classes and the Enneagram Foundations course to review at your convenience.

The Schedule

Beginning Thursday March 2, 2023, Live classes will take place via Zoom on Thursdays 10am-12pm PST.

A total of 25 classes will run until September 7, 2023.

Recordings will be available to view within 72 hours after the class.

What We'll Cover

The more we learn about the Enneagram, the more we realize there is to learn. We'll be going in deep. Here's a sample of some of our topics:

  • Significance of Numbers & Shapes

  • Centers of Intelligence: Body, Heart, Mind

  • Needs, Behavior Styles & Social Stances

  • Stress, Coping Styles & Harmonics

  • Object Relations

  • Levels of Development

  • Stress & Security Points

  • Instinctual Drives

  • Virtues of Higher Heart Center

  • Holy Ideas of Higher Head Center

  • Transparent Veil & Missing Piece

  • Determining Type of Self & Others

  • Communication & Influence

  • Types as Coach

  • Types as Clients

  • Types in Relationships, Families, & Groups

  • Practices, Processes, & Techniques

  • Apply Now!

    A Live 6-Month Training with Wes Lucus

    $150 per month (12 Months)

    or 1-time payment of $1500

    Apply Now

    What Previous Students Have to Say:

    Anna L.

    Wes really brings this material to life, and he makes the learning effortless. The information he provides is useful, memorable, and immediately applicable. The tools and principles that Wes teaches will bring out the best in you, your team, your family, your relationships, your life. 

    Carlos C.

    Wes explains the Enneagram in easy to understand terms and has many examples to improve how you live, interact, and succeed. I now know ways to help others powerfully in a way that is most helpful to their growth. Understanding that the Enneagram is a tool for growth, is eye-opening, and even more fascinating.

    Mike B.

    I was making no tangible progress in developing a new business idea that was critically important to me, and I was frustrated and disappointed in myself. The Enneagram helped me better understand what makes people do what they do, understand myself better, others better and the dynamics between couples and working relationships much better. Importantly, it also shows you the path to growth for each of the personality types, so it's ideal for coaches and healers.

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    Get started with "Enneagram Foundations" and learn the basics.

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    Enneagram Foundations

    An Introduction to the Enneagram

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